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No matter who you are, where you are and how you do it, our vast range of custom wine tank designs can be built by us for you. Customizing wine tanks is our specialty, allowing our customers a unique hands on tank buying experience.

When talking with us about Custom wine tanks, you get to work with our team to design wine tanks that fit your winemaking style and vision. Contact us when you are ready and we can work out the details.5000L tapered fermentation tanks

                                                                                                              Conical  Wine Tanks

Conical wine tanks, also known as conical fermenters or cone bottom tanks, are widely used in the winemaking industry for fermentation and aging. These tanks have a distinct conical shape at the bottom, which offers several advantages:

1.Advantages of Conical Wine Tanks

1).Efficient Sediment Removal:

The conical bottom allows for easy separation and removal of sediment (lees) that forms during fermentation. This design minimizes the need for racking, a process where wine is transferred from one container to another to leave sediment behind.

2).Improved Fermentation Control:

The shape facilitates better mixing and circulation of the wine, which can lead to more uniform fermentation. The ability to control fermentation temperature is enhanced in conical tanks due to their design and often integrated cooling systems.

3).Space Efficiency:

Conical wine tanks can be stacked or placed closer together in a winery, making better use of available space compared to traditional flat-bottom tanks.

4).Ease of Cleaning:

The conical design aids in thorough and efficient cleaning. The sediment and residues naturally flow towards the bottom point, making it easier to drain and clean.


These wine tanks can be used for both fermentation and aging, offering flexibility to winemakers. They are suitable for various types of wine, including red, white, and sparkling wines.


  • Often more expensive than cylindrical tanks.
  • Requires careful handling during the cleaning of the cone section.


  • Primarily used for primary and secondary fermentation.
  • Ideal for wines that benefit from lees contact, such as certain whites and sparkling wines.

2000gallon square wine fermentation tank                                                                                            Square Design Wine Tanks

Square design wine tanks are an alternative to the traditional cylindrical or conical tanks used in winemaking. These tanks offer unique advantages and some challenges compared to their cylindrical counterparts.

1.Advantages of Square Design Wine Tanks

1).Space Efficiency:

Csutom square wine tanks can be more space-efficient, especially in wineries where space is at a premium. Their shape allows them to fit together more closely, maximizing the use of available space.

2).Ease of Installation:

The flat sides of square tanks can make them easier to install in certain winery setups, particularly in spaces that have been designed with square or rectangular footprints.

3).Cost Efficiency:

In some cases, square tanks can be less expensive to manufacture due to simpler welding processes and the efficient use of materials.

4).Structural Strength:

The flat surfaces of square wine tanks can provide additional structural strength, potentially reducing the need for external supports.

5).Uniform Temperature Control:

Square tanks often feature built-in cooling plates or jackets on each side, ensuring uniform temperature control throughout the tank.


  • Corners can be challenging to clean, potentially leading to microbial growth.
  • Less efficient fluid dynamics, which can affect fermentation if not managed properly.
  • Sediment management is more cumbersome compared to conical tanks.


  • Used for fermentation and storage where space efficiency is critical.
  • Less common for aging due to sediment management issues.

cylindrical wine tanks                                                                                       Cylindrical Wine Tanks

Cylindrical wine tanks are among the most common types of tanks used in the winemaking industry. They offer a variety of benefits that make them ideal for both small-scale and large-scale wine production. Here’s a detailed overview of cylindrical wine tanks:

1.Advantages of Cylindrical Wine Tanks

1).Efficient Mixing and Circulation:

The cylindrical shape promotes efficient mixing and circulation of the wine during fermentation, which can lead to more uniform fermentation and better quality control.

2).Ease of Cleaning:

The smooth, curved surfaces of cylindrical wine tanks make them easier to clean compared to tanks with corners. This helps maintain sanitary conditions and prevents microbial contamination.

3).Sediment Management:

While not as efficient as conical wine tanks, cylindrical tanks still allow for relatively easy management of sediment. Wine can be racked off lees with minimal disturbance.

4).Structural Integrity:

The cylindrical shape evenly distributes internal pressure, enhancing the structural integrity of the tank and allowing it to withstand the pressures involved in fermentation and storage.


Cylindrical tanks are versatile and can be used for fermentation, aging, and storage of various types of wine, including red, white, and sparkling wines.


  • Slightly less efficient sediment removal compared to conical tanks.
  • Requires more space than square tanks in certain configurations.


  • Widely used for primary fermentation, aging, and storage.
  • Suitable for both red and white wines, as well as sparkling wines with appropriate pressure ratings.

Each type of custom wine tanks offers unique benefits and challenges, making them suitable for different stages of winemaking and specific operational needs within a winery. when you have any requirement about tanks, please contact with us anytime, and please tell us your unique requirement and we will design the tanks according to your requirement!

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