Both cooling jackets and spiral cooling coils are common methods used in wine fermentation tanks to regulate temperature during the fermentation process. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the effectiveness can depend on various factors including the size of the tank, the type of wine being produced, and the specific requirements of the winemaker. Here’s a comparison of both:

Australia 10000liter wine fermenters cooling jacket
 1.Wine fermentation tank cooling Jacket:

This system consists of a double-walled tank with space between the walls through which a cooling fluid (such as glycol) circulates. The cooling fluid absorbs heat from the wine through the tank’s inner wall, helping to regulate the temperature. Cooling jackets provide uniform temperature control throughout the tank.


  • Uniform cooling: Cooling jackets distribute the cooling effect evenly throughout the tank, ensuring consistent temperatures.
  • Easy to clean: Since the jacket is on the outside of the tank, it’s generally easier to access for cleaning purposes.
  • Less risk of contamination: The cooling fluid is sealed within the jacket, reducing the risk of contamination of the wine.
wine fermentation tanks with sprial cooling coil
 2.Wine fermentation tanks with spiral Cooling Coil:

Spiral cooling coils are metal coils that are installed inside the fermentation tank.They are connected to a refrigeration system, which circulates a cooling fluid through the coils.


  • Faster cooling: Since the coil is in direct contact with the wine, it can cool the wine more rapidly compared to a cooling jacket.
  • Space-saving: Spiral cooling coils take up less space inside the tank compared to cooling jackets, allowing for more wine capacity within the same tank size.
  • Cost-effective for smaller tanks: For smaller tanks, installing a spiral cooling coil may be more cost-effective than a cooling jacket system.

3.Which one is much more effective?

The effectiveness of each system depends on various factors such as the size of the tank, the volume of wine being fermented, the desired rate of cooling, and the budget.

For large wine tanks: Cooling jackets are often preferred because they provide more uniform cooling throughout the wine tank, ensuring consistent fermentation conditions.

For smaller wine tanks or rapid cooling needs: Spiral cooling coils may be more effective as they can cool the wine more quickly and are often more cost-effective for smaller setups.

3000L wine fermentation tankOverall, both cooling jackets and spiral cooling coils can be effective in regulating temperature during wine fermentation. The choice between the two depends on factors such as the size of the tank, budget considerations, ease of maintenance, and the specific requirements of the winemaking process. Some winemakers may even opt for a combination of both methods to achieve optimal temperature control.

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