1000L Conical Fermentation Tank

A 1000L conical fermentation tank is a specialized vessel used in the brewing and fermentation industry for the production of beer, cider, wine, or other fermented beverages. These tanks are designed to facilitate the fermentation process efficiently while allowing for easy management of yeast and sediment.a 1000L conical fermentation tank is a crucial piece of equipment in breweries and wineries, providing an efficient and controlled environment for the fermentation of beverages, while also facilitating the separation of sediment, and ensuring product quality and consistency.

Product details

A 1000L conical fermentation tank is a specialized vessel used in the brewing industry for fermenting beer. These tanks are typically made of stainless steel and are designed with a conical bottom shape, which is beneficial for the fermentation and conditioning process.

Specification List:

  • 25% top space to avoid beer foam out
  • Accommodate to brew 1/2 batches
  • 2” pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve
  • 1.5” sample valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • CIP – rotary spray ball
  • 1.5”CO2 blow off tube
  • Rotating racking assembly
  • 60 degree cone
  • Multiple glycol zones
  • Fully welded cladding
  • Adjustable tank leveling pads
  • Carb Stone 1.5” TC assembly
  • RTD Probe
  • 4″ Hops port
  • 1.5″Butterfly valves
  • Tension braces on legs.

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