100L Jacketed Wine fermenter

A 100-liter jacketed wine fermenter is a vessel used in winemaking to ferment grape juice into wine. It typically consists of a tank with a capacity of 100 liters, and the term “jacketed” means it has a double-layered structure with an outer jacket for temperature control.

Product details

A 100-liter jacketed wine fermenter is a specialized vessel used in winemaking for fermentation and sometimes aging of wine. It typically has a 100-liter capacity and a jacketed design, which means it has a double-walled structure with a space between the walls that can be filled with temperature-controlled liquid (such as glycol or water) to regulate the temperature of the fermenting wine.

The jacketed design allows winemakers to control the temperature more precisely during fermentation, which is crucial because different wine styles often require specific temperature ranges for optimal fermentation. This control helps in managing the fermentation process, controlling the extraction of flavors and aromas, and ensuring the quality of the final wine product.

Standard product features:

Stainless steel 304/316L

• Conical centric top
• Sample valve
• CIP – rotary spray ball
• Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly
• Dimple cooling jacket
• Fully welded cladding

• Top Manhole Cover
• Side rectangular manway
• RTD Probe
• 2″ Butterfly valves

• Sloped bottom

• Mesh Screen

• 2″ PVRV

• Ladder Rack

• Bimetallicthermometer

• Liquid level tube.

A100-liter jacketed wine fermenter is a valuable piece of equipment for small to medium-sized wineries or for experimental batches in larger operations, allowing for more controlled and consistent winemaking processes.

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