150L Alcohol Distillery Equipment Copper Home Distillation Equipment for Sale

Setting up a 150L alcohol distillery requires careful consideration of the equipment needed for mashing, fermentation, distillation, and other related processes.the choice of materials (such as copper or stainless steel) may depend on personal preference, budget, and the type of spirits you plan to produce. 

This distiller is mainly used for the production of whiskey, brandy, rum, and vodka can also be made after repeated distillation for 2~3 times.
This still is composed of 1x still pot, 1x gooseneckhelmet), 1x Gin basket, 1x whiskey column, 1x dephlegmator, 1x condenser, 1x parrot outlet (spirit safe), liquor collecting tank, and support frame, control panel, CIP pump and CIP pipes.

Product details

A 150L distillation equipment setup typically represents a smaller-scale distillery system used by craft distilleries or hobbyists interested in producing limited quantities of spirits. This setup allows for a more intimate and hands-on approach to distillation.

Components commonly found in a 150L distillation setup might include:

Pot Still or Column Still: The main apparatus for distillation. Pot stills are often used for producing flavorful spirits like whiskey, while column stills are known for efficiency in producing neutral spirits such as vodka or gin.

Boiler or Mash Tun: Used to heat the mash or wash before distillation, preparing it for the distillation process by releasing alcohol vapors.

Condenser: Converts alcohol vapors back into liquid form by cooling them down, an essential part of the distillation process.

Fermenters: Tanks used for fermenting grains, fruits, or other raw materials to produce the wash or mash that will be distilled.

Storage Tanks: Utilized for storing distilled spirits before further processing, bottling, or aging.

Control System: Some setups may include basic control mechanisms to monitor temperatures and manage the distillation process.

Pumps, Valves, and Piping: Essential for transferring liquids between vessels and controlling material flow during distillation.

The 150L distillation equipment setup is well-suited for small-scale production, allowing for experimentation with recipes, smaller batch sizes, and greater hands-on control over the distillation process. It’s often favored by craft distilleries, boutique producers, or hobbyists who aim for artisanal spirits with a personalized touch.

Main Features:

1.Any size available and customization service.

2.Home Distillation Equipment has a high wine yield, high alcohol purity and few impurities.

3.Is easy to operate and use, easy to clean and occupies a small area.

4.High safety, high work efficiency, long service life, low energy consumption, good quality and low price.

5.Mini Distillery looks good and beautiful, and can be used as an ornament.

6.The material is safe and assured. Food grade stainless steel and copper are used.

7.Operation guide and drawings can be provided.

8.Wide range of uses, can make whiskey, brandy, rum, vodka and other alcohol to meet your needs.


1.Volume: 150L

2.Material: Stainless steel 304 & 316L or red copper

3.Polish: Mirror polish, inner is 2B polish

4.Thickness: 2-3MM 


For alcoholic

OEM Service available.

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