Really Affordable Horizontal Beer Lagering Tank

Horizontal lagering tank is a specialized vessel used in breweries for the horizontal conditioning and maturation of beer, particularly lagers. A horizontal lagering tank is a specialized piece of equipment suited for breweries that produce lagers and require horizontal conditioning and maturation.

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Horizontal Beer Lagering Tank 

Horizontal Beer lagering tank is a vessel used in the brewing industry for the lagering process. Lagering is the stage in beer production where the beer is conditioned at low temperatures for an extended period, typically weeks or months. This process helps improve flavor, clarity, and stability.Unlike vertical tanks, horizontal tanks have a lower height profile and are often more space-efficient. They may be easier to install in certain brewery layouts and can be stacked if needed.

15bbl horizontal lagering tanks


1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304

2.Effective capacity: 3BBL or 5BBL or 7BBL15BBL, 20BBL or 30BBL;

3.Horizontal stacked;

4.Surface brushed, welding line polish sanding light belt;

5.Polyurethane insulation, thickness: 80mm;

6.Inner body thickness 3mm, cladding thickness 2mm;

7.Dimple plate cooling jacket;



10.Rotary CIP spray balls and arm;

11.Pt100 temperature sensor;

12.1.5’’Sample valve;

13.Pressure gauge;

14.Working pressure is 30psi and testing pressure is 45psi;

15.1.5’’Carbonation stone;

16.Stainless steel legs with bigger and thicker base plate, with screw assembly to adjust leg height;

17.Complete with associated valves and fittings.

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