225L Oak Barrels

A 225-liter oak barrel, also known as a standard wine barrel or Bordeaux barrel, is a ubiquitous vessel in the wine and spirits industry. These barrels are the cornerstone of traditional aging and imparting flavors to wine, whiskey, and other spirits.

Product details

The classic 225-liter oak barrels, often referred to as barriques in the wine world! These are the standard-sized barrels used by many wineries and distilleries around the globe.

Their capacity of 225 liters makes them a popular choice for aging wine, whiskey, brandy, and other spirits. These barrels strike a balance between allowing enough liquid-to-wood contact for flavor extraction while ensuring a slower aging process compared to smaller barrels.

Their influence on beverages is significant. The oak imparts flavors such as vanilla, spice, and sometimes a hint of caramel, along with softening tannins and adding complexity. For wine, these barrels contribute to the development of aroma, color, and overall structure, while for spirits, they lend character and depth during the aging process.

Due to their widespread use, these barrels have become a standard reference point in the industry. They’re a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship, playing a crucial role in shaping the profiles of many beloved wines and spirits.

The material is American white oak or French oak.

The dimension: 54cmx67cmx95cm.

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