5000L Conical Bottom Floating Lid Wine Tank

A 5000-liter conical bottom floating lid wine tank is a specific type of vessel designed for fermenting and storing wine.The conical bottom design is common in wine tanks. It allows for the sediment (lees) to settle at the bottom, making it easier to separate the clear wine from the sediment. The conical shape facilitates the collection and removal of sediment during the winemaking process.The floating lid is a crucial feature in winemaking tanks. It helps to minimize the exposure of the wine to air by adjusting its position based on the wine volume. As the wine level changes during fermentation or storage, the floating lid moves up or down to reduce the surface area exposed to air, thus minimizing oxidation.

Product details

5000L conical bottom flotating lid wine tank

1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304,

2.Effective capacity: 5000L;

3.Floating lid-with inflatable gasket and pump;

4.Flotaing lid with stainless steel 316L, and thickness is 1mm;

5. Lift arm;
6. Sample valve;
7. Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly;
8. Dimple cooling jacket;
9. Fully welded cladding;
10.Side square manway;
11.RTD Probe;
12. Glycol inlet/outlet- to be 25mm male BSP fittings;

13.2″ PVRV;

14.Conical bottom;

15.With Filter Screen inside of Wine Tank;

16.Bimetallic thermometer;

17.Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust leg height.


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