6000L Insulated Tank For Winery

The insulated tanks are typically constructed with a double-wall design. It was designed for processing that requires precise temperature regulation. This tank is much like other sealed vessels, with one major difference – the stainless steel tank is wrapped with a thick layer of polyurethane foam.

Product details

Insulated tanks are commonly used in wineries for various purposes, primarily for the fermentation and storage of wine. The insulation in these tanks helps control and maintain the temperature of the wine during fermentation and aging processes. Here are some key aspects and applications of insulated tanks in a winery:

Temperature Control: Maintaining the right temperature is crucial in winemaking. Insulated tanks are designed to regulate and stabilize the temperature of the fermenting and aging wine. This temperature control is essential for controlling the fermentation process, preserving the desired aromas and flavors, and preventing spoilage.

Fermentation Tanks: Insulated tanks are often used as fermentation tanks in wineries, especially for white wines and some red wine styles. During fermentation, the insulation helps keep the temperature within the desired range, allowing winemakers to control the extraction of flavors and tannins.

Storage Tanks: Wineries use insulated tanks as storage vessels for aging and maturing wine. These tanks can be equipped with temperature control systems to ensure that the wine ages at a consistent temperature, which is critical for the development of flavors and aromas over time.

Cooling Systems: Insulated tanks may have cooling jacket built in, which allows winemakers to precisely control the temperature. These systems can use refrigeration units adjust the temperature as needed.

In summary, insulated tanks play a critical role in winemaking by providing temperature control for fermentation and aging processes. They help winemakers achieve the desired wine characteristics and maintain consistent quality.


Insulated tanks are typically constructed from durable materials of stainless steel 304 or 316L. Sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. The tank is wrapped with a thick layer of polyurethane foam which provides great thermal insulation. The PU foam is resistant to moisture and water, making it perfect for stainless steel tanks.

Standard product features:

• Stainless steel 304/316L
• Sample valve
• CIP – rotary spray ball
• Liquid outlet and drain outlet assembly
• PU insulation

• Cooling jacket
• Fully welded cladding
• Side manway
• RTD Probe

• Conical eccentric bottom
• 2″Butterfly valves


• Bimetallic thermometer

• Liquid level tube.

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