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Single-wall brite beer tank is designed for the conditioning, carbonation, and storage of beer after fermentation and before packaging. Single-wall tanks are typically used in temperature-controlled environments since they lack insulation and cooling jackets. 

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Single wall brite beer tank

Single wall brite beer tank is used for conditioning and carbonating beer after fermentation. It’s called “single-wall” because it lacks insulation and cooling jacket. Brite tanks are often made of stainless steel and feature a cylindrical shape with a domed and domed bottom.

7bbl single wall brite beer tank


1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304

2.Effective volume:20% top space;

3.Dome top head, domed bottom;

4.Tank thickness 3mm;

5.Side manway;

6.With rotary CIP spray balls and arm;

7.2” PRV: 2 bar;

8.1.5” Sample valve;

9.With carbonation stone and 1.5” tri-clamp port;

10.Pressure gauge and bimetallic thermometer;

11.Butterfly valves on CIP pipe and drain port;

12.2 ladder hooks;

13.4 stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

A Single Wall Brite Beer Tank (Non-Jacketed) is a key piece of equipment in the brewing process, particularly in the stages following fermentation. These tanks are used for the clarification, carbonation, and storage of beer before it is packaged.Single-wall construction means the tank has no additional jacket for cooling. this makes it simpler and often more cost-effective than jacketed versions.

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