The Best Quality 10KL Cider Fermentation Vessels

10,000-liter (10KL) cider fermentation vessels are large tanks specifically designed for fermenting cider on a commercial scale. These vessels are crucial in the cider production process, ensuring proper fermentation, flavor development, and consistency.

Product details

10,000liter (10KL) cider fermentation vesselss are large tanks specifically designed for the fermentation process of cider production.They often have conical bottoms for efficient yeast collection and sediment removal, which aids in clearer cider production.

100HL cider  fermentation vessel

The specification for the 10KL cider fermentation vessels as follows:

1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304, thickness of material:3mm; 

2.Effective capacity:10000L;

3.Cylinder shape ;

4.Conical top;

5.Centric top or eccentric top with 500mm top manway;

6.0.75″Sample valve;

7.2″Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly;

8.2″racking valve;

9.Cooling jacket and thickness of cooling jacket is 1.5mm;

10.Fully welded cladding;

11.Side rectangle manway, the size for the rectangle manway is 530mmx430mm;

12.Oval side manway, the size for the oval manway is 530mmx430mm;

13.PT100 temperature probe;

14.1″Glycol inlet/outlet;

15. 2″ Breather valve;

16.Conical bottom;

17.CIP spray ball;

18.Bimetallic thermometer;

19.Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

10KL cider fermentation vessels

Fermentation vessels for cider can vary widely based on the production scale, material preference, and specific requirements of the cider-making process. A 10,000-liter (10KL) cider fermentation vessels is quite large and would be suitable for a commercial cider production operation.

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