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Floating Lid Tank

5000L conical bottom floating lid wine tanks
5000L Conical Bottom Floating Lid Wine Tank
7000Lfloating lid tank
7000L Floating Lid Wine Tank
2000 Liter Jacketed VCT
2000L Stainless Steel Floating Lid Wine Tank
1000L floating lid wine tank
1000L Floating Lid Wine Tank
Variable capacity tank
Stainless Steel Wine Floating Lid Tank

A floating lid tank, also known as a variable capacity tank or VCT, is a type of vessel used for fermentation and storage of liquids, particularly in winemaking and brewing industries. It is designed to allow for the expansion and contraction of the contents while minimizing contact with air, which can be crucial during different stages of wine or beer production.
Floating lid tanks offer winemakers greater control over the winemaking process and help maintain wine quality by reducing exposure to oxygen. They are especially valuable for small to medium-sized wineries and for winemakers producing high-quality wines that require careful handling and aging conditions.