2000L red wine fermentation tank with forklift is produced for one of our Israel customer, today the wine tanks are finished the production and some days later we will be arrange the shipping, please check the picture:

2000L red wine fermenter with forklift

At beginning of this year, we received the inquiry from our Israel customer, they require some 1000L wine storage tanks and some 1000L tapered wine fermentation tanks and some 2000L wine fermentation tanks with forklift, we talked about with each other for some months, and designed the drawing for them, of course, revised the drawing again and again, because consider this is our first time cooperation, this time they only ordered some 2000L wine fermentation with forklift as trial order, they promise that when they received the tanks, and if they are happy for the quality and they can continue to order some more wine tanks from our company, thanks for our customer’s trust!

The specification for our 2000L red wine fermentation tanks with forklift as follows: 

1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304, thickness of material:2.5mm;

2. Effective capacity: 2000L;

3. Conical centric top;

4. Top Manhole Cover, the size for the top manhole is DN400mm;

5. 0.75″Sample valve;

6. 2″Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly, tri-clamp connection;

7. 2″racking valve, tri-clamp connection;

8. Dimple cooling jacket and thickness of cooling jacket is 1.5mm;

9. Fully welded cladding;

10. Side rectangle manway, the size for the rectangle manway is 430mmx330mm;

11. PT100 temperature probe;

12. G1″Glycol inlet/outlet

13. 2″ Breather valve;

14. Sloped bottom with fork slots ;

15. CIP spray ball;

16. Bimetallic thermometer;

17. With filter screen inside of tank;

18. Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

For more information on our Wine Fermentation Vessels check out our wine tanks page or get in touch with us.

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