Stainless Steel Round Wine Tank

A round wine tank, often called a fermentation tank, specifically designed for fermenting and storing wine. These tanks come in various sizes and materials, such as stainless steel, oak, concrete, or even fiberglass. The rounded shape helps with the fermentation process by allowing the liquid to circulate more effectively, aiding in the extraction of flavors and tannins from the grape skins. Additionally, these tanks can be temperature-controlled, which is crucial for managing the fermentation process and ensuring the quality of the wine.

Product details

A round wine tank, also known as a wine fermentation tank, is a vessel used in winemaking to ferment grape juice into wine. These tanks come in various sizes and materials such as stainless steel, concrete, or oak, and the choice often depends on the winemaker’s preferences and the type of wine being produced.

The round shape of these tanks allows for efficient mixing of the grape must during fermentation, ensuring even distribution of yeast, sugars, and other components crucial for the fermentation process. Additionally, some winemakers prefer round tanks because they minimize the potential for sediment buildup in corners, making them easier to clean.

Standard product features:

• Stainless steel 304/316L

• Conical off-centered centric top
• Sample valve
• CIP – rotary spray ball
• Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly
• Dimple cooling jacket
• Fully welded cladding
• Side oval manway
• RTD Probe
• 2″ Butterfly valves

• Flat, sloped bottom

• 2″ PVRV

• Ladder Rack

• Bimetallicthermometer.

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