Variable Capacity Wine Tank Is Same As Floating Lid Tank?

A variable capacity wine tank and a floating lid tank refer to the same concept in winemaking. These tanks are designed to allow winemakers to store wine at varying levels without the risk of oxidation.A variable capacity wine tank and a floating lid tank are closely related and often the terms are used interchangeably, but there are specific nuances between them.

800L variable capacity tank

1.Variable Capacity Wine Tank:

A variable capacity wine tank, also known as an adjustable capacity tank or variable volume wine tank, is designed to allow winemakers to store varying amounts of wine. The main feature of this tank is its ability to adjust to the volume of the wine it contains, minimizing the exposure of the wine to air. This is particularly useful for small wineries or during the aging process when the volume of wine might change.

Standard specification list:

  • Floating lid – with inflatable gasket and pump
  • Lifting arm
  • Manway Door – Oval or rectangle
  • Legs – Standard (Closed)
  • Temperature Control
    • Cooling Jacket
    • Thermometer (analog)
    • Thermowell
  • Valves
    • Sample Valve
    • Drain Outlet– butterfly valve (2’’)
    • Racking Port – butterflyvalve (2’’)
    • CIP Port– butterfly valve (2’’)
  • Level Indicator –  (scaled, open)
  • Type Plate – With note card
  • Ladder rack
  • Welding – Brushed finish

2. Floating Lid Tank

A floating lid tank is a type of variable capacity tank. It is characterized by a floating lid that sits directly on the surface of the wine, rising and falling with the wine level. The floating lid often has an inflatable gasket or seal around its edge to create an airtight seal, preventing oxidation and contamination.

Designed with adjustable floating lids to permit variation in the tank volume with the volume of contained liquid and can be used for fermentation, wine storage, and bottling. The lids have a built in air lock and an expandable pneumatic vinyl edge gasket with an attached air pump to seal the top to the sides of the tank at any desired level.

Variable capacity wine tank comes with:

  • Stainless lid with pneumatic vinyl gasket allowing lid adjustment to fit volume in tank
  • Gasket air pump and system accessories
  • Tri-Clamp bottom opening with Tri-Clamp fitting and butterfly valve
  • Fermentation Air Lock

2300L variable capacity tank

3.Key Characteristics

  • Adjustable Volume: Both tanks are designed to adjust to the volume of wine, preventing air exposure.
  • Floating Lid: The floating lid is the defining feature of floating lid tanks, but this can also be a feature of variable capacity tanks, thus making them similar or identical in many cases.
  • Seal Mechanism: Floating lid tanks use a gasket or seal to ensure an airtight environment as the lid moves with the wine level.

4.Common Uses:

  • Fermentation:These tanks are often used during fermentation to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the wine.
  • Storage:After fermentation, they are also used for wine storage to ensure minimal exposure to air.


  • Flexibility: The ability to adjust the lid makes these tanks suitable for different batch sizes.
  • Cost-Effective:They eliminate the need for multiple tanks of different sizes.
  • Quality Control: They help maintain the quality of the wine by minimizing oxidation.

6.Practical Use

  • Winemaking Flexibility: These tanks are highly valued in winemaking for their flexibility in handling different volumes of wine without compromising quality.
  • Oxidation Prevention: By minimizing air contact, these tanks help in reducing oxidation, preserving the wine’s integrity and flavor.

5000L concial bottom floating lid wine tank

In summary, while all floating lid tanks are variable capacity tanks, not all variable capacity tanks necessarily have floating lids. However, in practical usage within the wine industry, the terms are often used interchangeably because the floating lid is a common and effective method for achieving variable capacity.

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