1000l variable capacity wine tank

A 1000-liter variable capacity wine tank is a type of wine storage vessel that is commonly used in winemaking. Variable capacity tanks are designed to hold a specific volume of liquid, in this case, 1000 liters (approximately 264 gallons), but they have the ability to adjust their capacity based on the level of wine inside. This adjustability is particularly useful during the winemaking process as it allows for variations in volume due to fermentation, racking, and other stages of production.

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A variable capacity wine tank is a type of wine storage and fermentation vessel designed to accommodate different volumes of wine while minimizing air exposure. These tanks are commonly used in winemaking to provide flexibility in production and aging processes.

1.The key features and uses of a 1000-liter variable capacity wine tank:

Adjustable Lid: Variable capacity tanks typically have a lid that can be raised or lowered using a mechanism. This lid can be sealed to prevent air exposure during fermentation and aging, helping to maintain the wine’s quality.

Fermentation: These tanks are commonly used for primary fermentation of wine. The adjustable lid allows winemakers to control the volume of headspace (the empty space between the wine and the top of the tank), which can influence the fermentation process.

Aging: After fermentation, the wine can be left in the tank for aging. Again, the ability to adjust the tank’s volume helps minimize air contact and oxidation, which is important for preserving the wine’s characteristics.

Temperature Control: Some variable capacity tanks come with options for temperature control, allowing winemakers to regulate the temperature during fermentation and aging. Temperature control can impact the development of flavors and aromas in the wine.

Sampling and Analysis: These tanks often have built-in sampling ports or valves that allow winemakers to take samples of the wine for analysis without exposing the entire batch to air.

Versatility: The term “variable capacity” highlights the flexibility these tanks offer. While they can hold a fixed volume (such as 1000 liters), winemakers can adjust the headspace to accommodate different batch sizes.

Construction: Variable capacity wine tanks are typically made from stainless steel, which is hygienic, easy to clean, and does not react with the wine. The tanks may have reinforced walls to support the adjustable lid mechanism.


Variable capacity tanks with the floating lid and it can achieve an air-tight seal at any volume – making the variable capacity tank the perfect fit for small and growing wineries, Maneuvering the floating lid is easy thanks to the built-in lifting arm. A hand-operated winch is available as an option to make it even easier.

3.Standard product features:

• Stainless steel 304/316L

• Floating lid-with inflatable gasket and pump

• Lift arm
• Sample valve
• CIP – rotary spray ball
• Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly
• Dimple cooling jacket
• Fully welded cladding
• Side oval manway
• RTD Probe
• 2″ Butterfly valves


• Conical eccentric bottom

• Bimetallic thermometer

• Liquid level tube

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