100HL White Wine Fermentation Tank/White Wine Storage Tank With Cooling Jacket

A white wine fermentation tank is a vessel used in the winemaking process to ferment white grape juice into wine. The primary purpose of the fermentation tank is to provide a controlled environment for the fermentation process, where yeast converts sugars in the grape juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Product details

10000L wine storage tanks

A white wine fermentation tank is a vessel specifically designed for fermenting white wine during the winemaking process. White wine is typically made from the juice of grapes without the skins, unlike red wine, which is fermented with the grape skins to extract color and tannins. The fermentation tank for white wine is designed to accommodate the characteristics of white grape juice and the winemaking process.

1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304,

2.Effective capacity: 10000L;

3.Conical centric top;

4.Sample valve;

5.CIP-rotary spray ball;

6.With cooling jacket;

7.Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly;

8.Fully welded cladding;

9.Side oval manway;

10.RTD probe;

11.Butterly valves;

12.Conical bottom;


14.Ladder rack;


16.Liquid level tube

17.Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

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