13.5L Oak Barrels

Those 13.5-liter oak barrels are a popular size in the world of aging spirits and small-batch productions. With this capacity, they offer a nice balance between surface area contact and volume, allowing for quicker aging and flavor integration compared to larger barrels. They’re often used by craft distilleries and home enthusiasts looking to experiment with aging their own spirits or infusing flavors into beverages on a smaller scale.

Product details

13.5-liter oak barrels! Those smaller barrels are often used for home aging of spirits, wines, or other beverages. They’re great for experimenting with flavors and allowing quicker aging due to the increased surface area to volume ratio compared to larger barrels. They’re popular among enthusiasts and small-scale producers for their convenience and ability to impart oak flavors relatively swiftly.

It is used for Bourbon barrel, Oloroso barrel, PX Oloroso barrel, tequila barrel, red wine barrel and white wine barrels.

The dimension:27cmx28cmx38cm.

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