300L Copper Distilling Equipment

A 300L copper distilling setup allows for larger-scale production while still being suitable for craft distilleries.This distiller is mainly used for the production of whiskey, brandy, rum, and vodka can also be made after repeated distillation for 2~3 times.
This still is composed of 1x still pot, 1x onion head, 1x Gin basket, 1x whiskey column, 1x dephlegmator, 1x condenser, 1x parrot outlet (spirit safe), support frame, control panel, CIP pump and CIP pipes.

Product details

A 300L distillery equipment setup, much like the 200L setup but with a larger capacity, is designed for small to medium-scale distillation operations. This setup allows for increased production compared to smaller systems, making it suitable for craft distilleries or those aiming to produce a moderate quantity of spirits.


1.Still Pot

Actual volume 375L, Working volume 300L

Inner pot: red copper T2, thickness: 3m

Dished head: red copper T2, thickness: 3m

Jacketed: SUS304, thickness: 4mm

Insulated: 50mm, PU

Stirring motor: explosion-proof mixer 0.37KW/46rpm(EX)

Outer shell: SUS304, thickness: 2mm

Temperature control: PT100

Heating method: 2*10KW electric heating rods

With glass manhole, CIP cleaning ball, safety valve, sight light, steam trap, etc.

2.Still Column

Material: red copper T2, thickness: 3mm

Red copper tubes, each tray has bubble caps, and with CIP cleaning balls, Drain valve, thermometer


Material: Red copper T2, thickness:3mm

With cooling water inlet and outlet

4.Gin Basket

Material: SUS304

Size: 4″

Features: you can put plant spices, fumigate scented wine, such as gin


Material: SUS304, thickness: 3mm

Size: 6″, 900mm

With cooling water inlet and outlet

6.CIP Pump

Category: Sanitary centrifugal pump

Power: 0.75KW (explosion-proof)

Flow rate: 3T/H, head 24m

Working medium: water

Working temperature: 10-100℃

Features: Can clean the distillation kettle, copper head, column, gin basket

Material: SUS304, thickness: 2mm

7.Multifunctional lockers

Control Box

Material: SUS304

Sight light, motor, CIP pump

The 300L distillery equipment setup allows for a moderate increase in production capacity compared to smaller systems, providing more room for experimentation with recipes, larger batch sizes, and greater flexibility while maintaining a manageable scale for craft distilleries or boutique spirits producers.

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