45L Oak Barrels

The 45-liter oak barrels! These are a step up in size compared to the 13.5-liter ones. With a larger capacity, they offer a different aging dynamic due to their lower surface area-to-volume ratio.

These barrels are often favored by small to medium-sized producers in the wine and spirits industry. They allow for a slower and more controlled aging process compared to smaller barrels. The increased volume means that the liquid has less contact with the wood per liter, resulting in a more gradual extraction of flavors and a smoother integration of oak characteristics.

Product details

A 45-liter oak barrel is a versatile size in the world of aging beverages. These barrels offer a middle ground between smaller barrels, which age liquids more quickly due to higher surface area-to-volume ratios, and larger barrels, which might take longer to impart flavors. They’re commonly used by small to medium-scale producers in the wine, spirits, and craft brewing industries.

Their size allows for a balanced aging process, giving the beverage enough time to interact with the oak and develop complex flavors and aromas without rushing the process. This size is favored for wine aging in boutique wineries, for small-batch whiskey or rum production, and for experimental aging of various beverages.

The 45-liter barrel strikes a good balance, providing enough volume to handle a decent batch while still allowing for a more manageable aging process compared to larger barrels.

The material is American white oak or French oak.

The dimension: 40cmx44cmx52cm.

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