50L 100L 200L Stainless Steel 316L Medicine Liquor Storage Tank

Stainless Steel 316L Medicine Liquor Storage Tanks with capacities of 50L, 100L, and 200L are highly specialized vessels designed for the pharmaceutical industry.Stainless Steel 316L Medicine Liquor Storage Tanks offer a reliable and efficient solution for the storage and handling of pharmaceutical liquids, ensuring safety, compliance, and quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage processes.

Product details

Medicine liquor storage tank

Pharmaceutical Liquor Storage Tank

A Medicine Liquor Storage Tank made from Stainless Steel 316L is an excellent choice for storing liquid medications due to its superior corrosion resistance and durability. Here are the specifics for tanks with capacities of 50L, 100L, and 200L:

50L medicine liquor storage tank


Stainless Steel 316L

Corrosion Resistance: Excellent resistance to various chemicals and high resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for pharmaceutical applications.

Durability: Strong and durable, ensuring long-term use without degradation.

Non-Reactive: Maintains the purity of the stored medicinal liquors, preventing any contamination.


Common Features:

Shape: Typically cylindrical with options for flat bottoms to facilitate complete drainage.

Surface Finish: Mirror polished or electropolished interior surface to ensure easy cleaning and prevent residue buildup.

Sealing: Hermetically sealed lids or caps to prevent contamination and maintain sterility.

Inlets/Outlets: Equipped with sanitary-grade inlets and outlets for filling and emptying the tank.

Handles: stainless steel 316L handles

Mayway:Top manway

3.Specific Capacities:

50L Tank:

Dimensions: Approx. diameter 350mm, height 600mm (dimensions can vary based on design).

Weight: Approx. 20-25 kg (empty).

Applications: Ideal for small-scale production, research and development, and specialty medications.

100L Tank:

Dimensions: Approx. diameter 450mm, height 750mm (dimensions can vary based on design).

Weight: Approx. 35-40 kg (empty).

Applications: Suitable for mid-scale production, clinical trial manufacturing, and larger research batches.

200L Tank:

Dimensions: Approx. diameter 550mm, height 950mm (dimensions can vary based on design).

Weight: Approx. 60-70 kg (empty).

Applications: Ideal for large-scale production and storage, bulk manufacturing, and pre-packaging storage.

4.Compliance and Safety:

Regulatory Standards: Designed and manufactured to comply with FDA, EMA, and other relevant standards.

Sanitary Design: Ensures easy cleaning and sterilization, with smooth, crevice-free surfaces to avoid microbial contamination.

Documentation: Complete documentation for validation and qualification, including material certificates, weld logs, and test reports.

50L medicine liquor storage tanks

Stainless Steel 316L Medicine Liquor Storage Tanks of 50L, 100L, and 200L capacities are versatile, robust, and essential for maintaining the quality and integrity of liquid medications in various pharmaceutical processes.

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