800L Variable CapacityTank

An 800-liter variable capacity tank is a type of storage vessel commonly used in winemaking and other beverage industries. These tanks are designed with a floating lid or an inflatable bladder that adjusts to the volume of liquid inside, minimizing the amount of air in contact with the liquid. This design helps preserve the quality of the contents by reducing oxidation. Variable capacity tanks are especially useful for fermentation and aging processes where the volume of liquid may change over time. They offer flexibility in terms of batch sizes and can accommodate variations in production volumes.

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800L Variable Capacity Tank

800L Floating lid Tank

An 800L variable capacity tank is a type of storage vessel commonly used in winemaking, brewing, and other food and beverage industries. These tanks have an adjustable capacity, meaning you can change the volume based on the amount of liquid you need to store or ferment. They typically consist of a stainless steel or plastic shell with an inflatable bladder or floating lid mechanism that can expand or contract to accommodate different liquid volumes while minimizing air contact, which helps preserve the quality of the contents. These tanks offer flexibility and control over fermentation processes and are often used for small to medium-scale production.

800L variable capacity tank

Specification List: 

1.Sanitary Stainless steel 304,

2.Effective capacity: 800L;

3.Floating lid-with inflatable gasket and pump;

4.Flotaing lid with stainless steel 316L, and thickness is 1mm;

5.Lift arm;
6. 0.75”Sample valve;
7.2”Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly;
8. Dimple plate cooling jacket; 
9. Fully welded cladding;
10.Side rectangle or oval manway;
11.PT100 Temperature Probe;
12. 1”Glycol inlet/outlet

13.2″ Breather valve;

14.Conical bottom or sloped bottom;

15.Bimetallic thermometer;

16.Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

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