500L Tapered Conical Wine Fermentation Tank

A tapered conical wine fermenter, also known as a conical fermenter or cone-shaped fermenter, is a specialized vessel used in the winemaking process for the fermentation and clarification of wine.The fermenter is conical, which means it has a tapered shape, wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. This shape facilitates the settling of sediments during fermentation and makes it easier to rack (transfer) the wine off the sediment later.

Product details

500L Tapered Wine Fermentation Tank


A 500L tapered wine fermentation tank is a vessel used in winemaking to ferment and sometimes age wine.

This describes the shape of the fermenter. “Tapered” means that the vessel narrows or tapers towards the bottom, The tapered conical shape helps with efficient fermentation, as it allows for the easy removal of sediment, which can affect the taste and clarity of the wine. While “conical” means that it has a conical or cone-like shape.

This design is common in fermenters because it allows for the separation of solids (such as grape skins and seeds) from the liquid (the wine). The conical shape allows these solids to settle at the bottom, making it easier to remove them from the wine.

500L tapered conical wine fermentation tank


The tapered fermenter is made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel, an updated to AISI 316L stainless steel is available for high-corrosion environments. Sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. 

Standard product features:

•Stainless steel 304/316L

•Tapered shape

•Conical centric top

•Top Manhole Cover

•Sample valve

•CIP – rotary spray ball

•Wine outlet and drain outlet assembly

•Dimple cooling jacket

•Fully welded cladding

•Side oval manway

•RTD Probe

•2″ Butterfly valves

•Mesh Screen

•Conical bottom

•2″ PVRV

•Bimetal thermometer. 

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